Meskerem Ethiopian Cuisine

Grab your friends and head to Meskerem for some tasty Ethiopian food!

Like most ethnic foods, we think a great way to try it is by going in a group. Everyone can order something different and then share! That way you get to experience all of what these unique cuisines have to offer. 

Everyone's "entree" comes served together on a large 18-in platter. And, you get to eat with your hands!

You eat your food with injera -- a flat, sourdough pancake-like bread. Tear off a piece of injera and scoop up the food. 

It may not look the most appealing, but it really is good. :) Hard to explain the flavors, but we were very impressed!

Avocado Salad (appetizer, not shown)
Gomen Besaega (greens w/prime beef)
Special Chicken Tibs (chicken w/spices)
Red Lentils (bottom right corner of photo)

Fork Rating

Price Range
$10 - $25

3210 S. Grand Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63118

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Gerard Hutchinson said...

Awesome food! I don't usually eat with my hands but it seemed to enhance the experience.